Orwell, George: Animal Farm

USSR, soviet republic after 1917, communism, revolution, history, allegory, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Orwell, George: Animal Farm
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Animal Farm An Allegory 1. Characters and events that are interesting 1.1 The characters Old Major Mr. Jones Napoleon Snowball Boxer ü Mollie the nine dogs Squealer Benjamin the sheep 1.2 The events the pre-rebellion meeting the rebellion the principles of Animalism (seven commandments) leadership (Napoleon Snowball) Napoleon s nine dogs neighbour farms have fear and there are unrests ü Jones try to recapture the farm Snowball s ideas (example: put their dung directly into the field) power struggle (Napoleon Snowball) putsch (Napoleon becomes dictator) the building of the windmill suppression (Napoleon ) Execution of the criminal Animals 2. Our results We came to the result, that this story describes the happenings in USSR after 1917. 2.1 Who could the characters be in reality? 2.1.1 Old Major We think Old Major is the personification of Karl Marx and Lenin. Marx was the first who had the idea of communism. Lenin is like the father for the Russians. He spread his idea of the new world to the other people. (Just as Old Major did.) 2.1.2 Mr. Jones Jones represents the old imperial power, the lost czar, who had to abdicate the throne. 2.1.3 Snowball Snowball must be Trotsky, the intellectual, gifted leader. With all his plans and new ideas for a better life. 2.1.4 Napoleon Napoleon reflects the iron man J. Stalin who expelled Trotsky (Snowball) from the farm respectively from the party. He s a clever and determined organizer. He s the military type of leader. 2.1.5 Boxer We ...

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