Rowling, J, K. : Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher s StoneBook report by Katja Fünfschilling Introduction There are four books about Harry Potter. I think the fourth is the most well known one. Its title is Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone. When this book was published children were queuing in front of bookstores to buy it. But the other three books were also described using superlatives too. Here are some quotations from famous magazines and newspapers. The Scotsman Rowling uses classic narrative devices with flair and originality and delivers a complex and demanding pot in the form of a hugely entertaining thriller. She is a first-rate writer for children The Story of Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone The story started in the normal world in the house of a very basic family, the Dursleys. They lived in Privet Way 4 and were proud to be perfectly normal humans. Mr. Dursley was a huge, fat man and director of his own company. Mrs. Dursley was thin and blond. She was a housewife. Their son Dudley was very fat and looked like a pig. Mrs. Dursley had a sister, but hated her. Mrs Dursley didn t allow her family to even talk about her sister. This sister was called Lily Potter and she and her husband James had a small son, named Harry. One day when Mr. Dursley went to work, he noticed some very strange things. There was a cat, which read a road map and there were strangely dressed people with robes and plain pointed hats. Owls were flying around while the sun was shining. In his ...

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