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1. Geographical position; climate Atlanta lies in the northwest of Georgia whose capital it is. The city itself has a population of just more than 400.000, but the metropolitan area has almost nine times that number of people. Atlanta is approximately located in the latitude of Gibraltar which becomes chiefly apparent through the sun that has much more power than in Central European latitudes. The climate in Atlanta can be described as temperate but pleasant throughout the whole year. From November to late March, average temperatures range between a minimum of 25 degrees F. and a maximum of 60; the thermometer occasionally falls below 15, but snow is infrequent. Spring and fall are delightful, with temperatures fluctuating between 50 and the low 70s. June, July and August are warm and humid, and daily highs often exceed 90 degrees. The wettest months are January and March; summer thunderstorms contribute to another rainy peak in July. 2. History The area of today´s Atlanta was first discovered by some explorers who in 1782 found an Indian village at the river Chattahoochee and called it standing peachtree. Scientists persume that peach is derived from pitch (Pechkiefer) because peachtrees (Pfirsichbäume) are not native in this area. Oh, and the area has more than 30 streets with the word Peachtree in its name....gotta be a record, huh? In 1812 Fort Peachtree was founded in order to protect the early settlers from the Indians. Twenty years later the state sold the Indian ...

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