The story of the Greatest: Muhammad Ali

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The story of the Greatest: MUHAMMAD ALI On January 17, 1942 - at about six thirty p.m. - the biggest sporting legend of the twentieth century was born in Louisville, Kentucky. When Odessa Clay and her husband Cassius Marcellus looked proudly at their tiny son they didnt dare to dream that the baby they held in their arms would one day be the heavyweight champion and one of the most popular men of the world. At a closer look, one can date the first boxing activity of Cassius Marcellus junior to the same year. His mother used to tell people that his first K.o.-punch was aimed at her face when the six-month-old hit her so hard that she had to have two teeth pulled out. Cassius grew up in West End Louisville, a black area, together with his younger brother Rudolph who later changed his name ...

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