Quentin Tarantino and his motion picture Pulp Fiction

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Das Dokument beschreibt das Leben und Werken des amerikanischen Regisseurs Quentin Tarantino und seiner Filme, insbesondere „Pulp Fiction“. Es wird seine Kindheit und Jugendzeit beleuchtet und wie er zur Filmindustrie kam. Tarantino gründete mit Lawrence Bender die Produktionsfirma „A Band Apart“, die sich auf die Herausgabe von Soundtracks spezialisierte. Der Film „Reservoir Dogs“ machte ihn zum Kultstar und „Pulp Fiction“ gewann die Goldene Palme in Cannes. Der Auszug beschreibt auch die Handlung von „Pulp Fiction“ und den darin vorkommenden Charakteren. Tarantino arbeitete auch als Schauspieler und Drehbuchautor und ist bekannt für seine unkonventionelle Erzählweise und markante Dialoge. Derzeit arbeitet er an dem Film „Kill Bill“.
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Quentin Tarantino And his motion picture Pulp Fiction Tarantino s life Quentin Tarantino was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1963. His mother was just 16, when she gave birth to a son she named after the figure Quint, played by Burt Reynolds in the television series Gunsmoke. Connie , Quentin s mother, soon realised, that her marriage to Tony Tarantino, an unsuccessful musician, was a mistake. She decided to bring the boy up on her own, but she didn t quit college, she graduated three years after Quentin s birth. After graduating Connie and little Quentin moved west to Los Angeles, where she began a career in the healthcare industry. It took her just a few years to become a member of the executive board and to earn enough money to buy a luxury home in a upper middle class suburb of Los Angeles. As a small child Quentin constantly went with his mom wherever she went. Mrs Tarantino specially liked X-rated movies like erotic European movies or bloodily realistic splatter movies, and she saw no reason why Quentin s age should keep him, or her, from seeing those movies. (At that time a child of any age could view any movie as long as they where accompanied by a responsible adult). So she took him to see movies like Carnal Knowledge or The Wild Bunch. As a successful businesswoman Connie Tarantino was given free season tickets for the local baseball and football teams. She offered Quentin to go to the games but she couldn t convince him, Quentin wanted to go to the movies. ...
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