The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

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The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia History The History of The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia inseparable connected with John Flynns life. John Flynn is the, you can say, the inventor of the RFDS. He was born at Moliagul in Centeral Victoria on 25. November 1880. His Mother Rosetta died, when he was three, and after this cruel event, he lived several years with his relatives in Snake Gully. Later the Flynn Family moved to the western suburbs of Melbourne. After finishing school in 1898 he began teaching at secondary school. In 1903 he decided to study for priest and after that he took a 4 year course in divinity. In 1911 he got his first job at Beltana Mission in the north of South Australia. Than in 1912 he became Superintendent of the Australian Inland Mission (AIM). At this time John Flynn began his missionary work. Only two doctors were supplying an area of 300.000 sq kms in Western Australia and 1.500.000 sq kms in Northern Territory. He began to build up hospitals and hostels in the further outback areas. To illustrate the need of quick medical help in the outback Flynn told many stories. In 1903 the first powered air flight took place. John Flynn saw the potentials in these inventions to give quick medical help in the outback. During this time a young Lieutenant, Clifford Peel, a medical student, heared of Flynns ideas and wrote a letter to him. He told that aeroplanes would overcome many of the transport problems of the inland and that radio is ...

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