Climate Change

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CLIMATE CHANGE A WORLD PROBLEM Global warming is the theory that the gases CO2, methane, water vapour and ozone are collecting in the Earth s atmosphere and are heating the planet. This effect, which is mostly caused by the relation of CO2, is also called the Greenhouse Effect. CO2 is released by the burning of fossil fuels, which are essential for human beings at least nowadays. There are many theories about the global warming, but only one is unanimous: Global temperatures have risen about 1 C since the Industrial Revolution in the mid 1800s. Compared to climate changes in Earth s history this is frighteningly fast. And scientists found out that climate changes have always been linked with CO2 emissions, which are a world problem in the 21st century. So many oil companies point to the ice age, saying natural climate changes can happen. In fact, the upcoming global heating is caused by the humans. In the last years, scientists found out that the level of flooding, rising sea and rain- and snowfall is increasing and also calculated that a temperature increase between 1 and 3 C would cause a rise of the sea level between 15 and 120 cm, which is possible within the next 100 years. Any area 2m above sea will be at risk in only 30 years time. This would mean that lots of important cities like New York, Boston, Miami and Washington DC could soon be submerged in water. But the effects are even bigger. Hundreds of millions of dollars would be necessary to develop unnatural beaches ...

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