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CANADA One thing to remember is the big size of Canada. Although it´s the second largest country in the world the population is only about 25.000.000 inhabitants. But the population isn´t equally distributed over the vast country. Most people live within 320km of the US-boarder in big cities like Toronto, Quebec, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver. These cities are situated in the east of Canada except Vancouver which is situated in the west. The distance from east to west is over 5.000 km. To give you a small impression, it takes two days and nights to cross the country by train. Canada´s climate is of the extreme continental type, this means there are hot summers and cold winters. Ton five months so from November till march the temperatures are below zero. The coldest international temperature ever observed was - was -63?C, yet in parts of the country, the temperature also rises to 43?C in mid-summer. This is a range of nearly 106?C. There is a basic divison in Canada´s society between the 40 of people who are of French origin and the 30 of people who are of English origin. The rest is made up of European immigrants such as Italians, Germans, Ukrainians and the Eskimos and Indians. The Indians and the Inuit, as Eskimos are also called, are the two native peoples of America. Wildlife Most of the country is a wilderness of forests and frozen wastelands. Emptiness is above all wide spread in the Northern Territorries. In the unsettled areas of Canada there is a lot of different ...

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