Levi Strauss

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Levi StraussLevi Strauss was born in Buttenheim, Bavaria in 1829 to Hirsch Strauss and his second wife. Two years after his father s death Levi and his siblings emigrated to New York. There, they were met by Jonas and Louis, their step-siblings, who had already made the journey and had started a dry goods business, called J. Strauss Brother & Co. . Young Levi soon began to learn the trade himself.When news of the California Gold Rush made its way east, Levi decided to emigrate to San Francisco to make his fortune by selling supplies to the throngs of miners who arrived daily in the big city to outfit themselves before heading off to the gold fields. In 1853 he arrived in bustling, noisy San Francisco, establishing a dry goods business under his own name and also serving as the West Coast representative of the family s New York firm. The name of his firm was simply, Levi Strauss . In the 1850s this location was very close to the waterfront, handy for receiving and selling the goods that arrived by ship from his brother Jonas store in New York. The business expanded and in 1863 the company was renamed Levi Strauss & Co. .In his mid-thirties, Levi was already a well-known figure around the city. He was active in the business and cultural life of San Francisco, and actively supported the Jewish community. Despite his stature as an important business man, he insisted that his employees call him Levi, and not Mr.Strauss. Jacob Davis, one of Levi Strauss regular customers, ...

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