Orwell, George: 1984

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Book report on George Orwell?s 1984 The negative Utopia 1984 was written and published in 1949. In that imaginary year 1984 the world is divided between three superstates with similar political systems that have been waring with each other for the last 20 years. Nevertheless these states form allies from time to time it is impossible to overthrow one of them due to their natural boundaries. Not only the world but also the population of the state this novel is set in is divided into three group: The lowest and largest group are the proles who are treated like animals. The second group is some kind of middle class called the Outer Party which members are rather poor and have to be completely obedient. The control lies in the Inner Party which comprises only few members with special rights. On the top of the state is the imaginary Big Brother who is some kind of substitute god. The Inner Party uses the never ending war to control its people: Even tough the fighting is in some remote part of China people are deluded into believing to be in constant danger so that they are ready to hand power to a small ruling class. Furthermore the war effects a shortage of goods that does not allow the establishment of a powerful middle class that might long for power. A very powerful menace to keep control is the thought police: everywhere are telescreens which transmit propaganda but also receive what is going on in their field of vision. People cannot even get a bit of privacy at home but ...

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