Seventeenth Summer

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Seventeenth Summer Summary: Then story is about Patrick Pennington´s seventeenth summer .But the story begins already in his schooltime and you can see under which conditions he must live. He has a bad situation at home and most teacher try to ignore him expect the P.E. and music teacher because he is very good at sports and he has the gift of music. He wasn´t stupid ,he was just lazy and that caused his bad marks and the most teachers hated his long hair. As if it wasn´t enough he has also pupils as enemies like Smeeton and his friends but he has also a friend called Bates who is also very good at singing. So the often played alone and drunk by the wharf. One evening as they did so Smeeton came along in a dinghy and Penn wanted to harm him so he wanted to capsize the boat .And he did so but two wharfmen wanted him to go away .Later Penn let the air out of the tyres of a Jaguar but maybe Smeeton took revenge and sprayed an undescribed word with four letters onto it´s side .Next day he was made responsible for that incident and they sent the bill to his father. That made the situation worse and although he had denied everything nobody believed him. So the next time he saw him in the café they had a fight.where Smeeton cut his lip with a piece of glass, and because he had started it he got into trouble with the police but he was lucky and got released. Of course he was happy and by his dance through the streets he came to a café and after a short conversation he got himself a ...

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