Our holiday trip through Spain

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Our holiday trip through Spain General information about Spain: Spain is the third largest country of Europe with 505.000 square kilometres and 39,3 million inhabitants. The main-languages are: Spanish and Catalan. Their cross national product Bruttosozialprodukt makes about 14.500 US Dollars per year and inhabitant. In comparison to Austria they just have half of our cross national product. Barcelona Our first stop is Barcelona which is located in Catalan. With 1.500.000 inhabitants it is as big as Vienna. The second largest city of Spain is well known among tourists. Spain lures completely with numerous objects of interest. One of the most well-known is without a doubt the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The cathedral delighted in 1882 by Antonio Gaudí is one of the probably most unusual churches of Europe, because the architect developed with the gothic and art nouveau and ornamentations a quite own architectural style. The most well-known view is the one to the west of the enchanted verwunschen looking Weihnachtsfassade with numerous scenes of Christi birth and childhood. The cathedral has never been finished due to the high costs, the construction work was adjusted in 1904. Who has still strength after a walk by the inner courts of the enormous building, can climb the over 400 steps of one of the twelve towers. From above the view extends over the beautiful old part of town of Barcelona with its numerous medieval buildings, the Parc de la Ciutadella and the new external ...

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