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Travelling Welcome to our presentation. We are going to tell you something about travelling. For example where you could stay, how to get there, about some popular cities and countries and even their sights. We will start with places where you can stay. Where to stay Before you go on holiday you have to think about where you would like to stay. There are many possibilities for staying. You can spend your holidays at a hotel, at a youth hostel, at a boarding house, but you can also rent a house or stay at a camp site. First let s talk about Camping There are three different types of camping possibilities. Recreational Camping for people who want all the comforts of home, primitive camping facilities for those who enjoy closer contact with nature, and wilderness camping for those who love the adventure. Now let s talk about Staying at a hotel is usually very expensive, but it s very comfortable.. You can book a single, a double or a family room at any travel agency or via internet. At a lot of hotels you can decide either to have full board or half board. Some hotels offer lots of free time activities and meals and drinks are included. I would like to give you some information about Staying at a boarding house It s a bit cheaper than staying at a hotel, but you only get bed and breakfast there. It s very popular in Great Britain, but also in Austria. I would like to talk about Renting a house Usually people rent a house when they stay for three weeks or more. If you don t ...

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