Brugger, Diana: Dreams - the language of subconscious

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Brugger, Diana: Dreams - the language of subconscious
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Dreams The language of subconscious Diana Brugger April, 1999 I. Preface I chose this topic, because it is something I am really interested in. I do not know exactly when or how this interest came into existence. I only remember this special dream. I woke up and I reexperienced the dream again. It was that real, colourful and filled with feelings, that I went to the library the next day, to find out what this dream may be caused by and what it may mean. It was not the last time I went to the library, because more and more questions came into my mind about the language of subconsious Dreams are a topic that is loved by scientists as well as philosophers. But no one of these people will ever be able to answer all the questions that this mysterious territory delievers. I know very much about dreams after working on this paper and I am always looking forward knowing much more about them. Perhaps, in the end, the dream world will yield its deepest secrets not to those who analyse it with the most advanced scientific instruments, but to those who explore it with the most imagination. Dont dream your life, live you dream II. Some interesting facts about dreams: On average you need 2 minutes to fall asleep. Most people dream 5 times a night, humans will have about 136,000 dreams in a lifetime, spending the equivalent of six years in a REM sleep dream state. Women usually dream much more passive than men do. Students who study and get some good REM sleep retain the information ...

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