Burgess, Anthony: A Clockwork Orange

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A Clockwork Orange The author: Anthony Burgess was born on the 25th of February in 1917. In Manchester, where he was born, he studied English at the university. After spending six years as a soldier he came back invalided in 1959. He started to be a professional writer to provide security for his wife. Burgess went on writing and published more than 30 books until his death in 1993. A Clockwork Orange: Alex robs, rapes, tortures and murders people just for fun, with his three friends Pete, Georgie and Dim. There is also another gang, which they hate, leaded by Billyboy. Alex and his friends arrive at an old cottage in the countryside and play the old trick where Dim pretends to be wounded and where an ambulance is absolutely important The trick works out and as the woman opens the door the 4 young men invade and begin their real horrorshow. They rape her and beat down her husband till both are lying on the floor motionless. Then they leave the house again and go for a drink. Alex adores Ludwig van Beethoven and each time when he hears his music, he sees people who are tortured and murdered, women who are raped. When he meets his friends, he notices that there is some kind of tension between the four of them. But then they start a new tour to the city where they find a great house to make a real horrorshow. They play their trick but this time the old woman in the house is suspicious and does not open the door. Alex goes in alone through a window. The woman phones the police ...

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