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Truman Show Jim Carrey, main actor of the Truman Show is known for comedies like The Mask , Dumb and Dumber or the Cable Guy . He is famous for weird, but funny mimics. This is now his first serious role. The film deals with a 24h show about the life of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), filmed without his knowledge. From his birth on he has been filmed. He lives in a huge studio, a dome on the hills of Hollywood. It is equipped with every means of technology to maintain the impression of a real city. Truman was psychologically manipulated in his youth: he lost his father during a sailing cruise, so he developed a phobia against water it was planned in order to make him stay on the island where the artificial city is situated. He is married to Meryl, his job is insurance agent. He lived his live in the dome for about thirty years and never wondered about some strange happenings on the island because he did not knew it better. One day, he falls in love with another girl, who tries to tell him about the circumstances of his life. He does not know what she is talking about first, but slowly but sure he finds out the truth. The actor for the role of his father attempts to tell him the truth, too. A little later, he is re-integrated in the show to avoid Truman suspecting anything. But Truman suspects a flashlight falls from the ceiling, his new love is removed from him, he suddenly recognizes the product placement when his wife advertises coffee to the TV audience: he simply wonders ...

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