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TITANIC The film starts in the year 1997. Two small submarines are diving down to the wreck of the Titanic. Treasure hunters get up a safe from an apartment because they search for a special necklace called the Heart of the Ocean . It is a blue heart-shaped diamond which makes the necklace so special. The treasure hunters are very disappointed because they only find a drawing showing a nude girl with the necklace. The elderly lady Rose watches TV and sees a report about the hunt for the diamond. So she calls the hunters; they invite her to come to their ship because she tells them that she is the girl in the picture. They hope that she can give them some information. The hunters show her a simulation from the sinking of the ship, then she starts to tell her story about the sinking. Rose, the 17-year old girl boards the ship with her mother and her fiancé Cal, a rich member of the high society. She is sad and some kind of bought ; her family lost all the money, so she must marry a rich man. Besides that it is the Edwardian Age, the time where men dominate the women and treat them as if they were only some dolls. She wants to commit suicide by jumping of the ship, but Jack Dawson rescues her. When others come by it looks like he tried to rape her, but then it gets all cleared up and he is invited to dinner. (The unsinkable) Molly helps Jack, she gives him a suit because Jack s clothes are not the best. At dinner, Jack is only accepted by the people who do not know about his ...

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