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Shakespeare in Love Shakespeare was a playwright in the 16th century, he lived from 1554 to 1616. He was the son of a wealthy glovemaker and wooldealer, so he was rather well off. He received private education. Later he married Ann Hathaway in her mid-twenties and had three children with her: Snsanna, Hamnet and Judith. At the beginning of the nineties he went to London where he started a career as a poet. He soon became famous for his sonnets, later for his plays and for his work as an actor. Besides, he was shareholder of the Globe Theatre. He died in 1616 in Stratford upon Avon. In 1599, the Globe Theatre burnt, many scripts were lost, and so he was very embittered Christopher Marlow worked together with Shakespeare, they were kind of collegues. He was a very important author, he was killed in a brawl in a tavern because of his fierce temperament. He wrote for example Edward II, Tambalon the Great Shakespeares plays are still performed and made into films, e. g. Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet (Mel Gibson), Othello or Much Ado About Nothing, his sonnets still read and taught, he is one of the most read author. The Film steps in Shakespeare s life in his mid-twenties. he is suffering from a writer s block, but has already sold his next play. He needs inspiration, then he gets to know Viola. Her deepest wish is to become an actor, but actresses were not accepted at that time because they were regarded as prostitutes. Shakespeare falls in love with her. She gets the role of Romeo, ...

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