A Perfect Murder

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A Perfect Murder Emily Taylor is married to Steven Taylor, she is very rich, he is a broker and has few time for her. So she betrays him with a painter called David, but she does not want to leave Steven for him. Steven plans to kill Emily as he finds out that she betrays him. But this is not the only reason for the murder: He made some mistakes in his business without her knowledge and needs her money to pay the debts. Steven meets David for the first time in a gallery. He tells him about his intention to murder Emily. Steven blackmails David, who is first not very enthusiastic, with the fact that he made marriage proposals under false pretences several times. According to Steve s plan, the accidental death should be performed in his absence: his alibi is his weekly cardround. The murderer should seem to be a thief, who is surprised by Emily. David does not want to kill Emily himself, so he persuades a former inmate from prison to commit the deed. The thief enters the apartment by the back door with Emily s key which Steven has taken from her key-ring. This back door leads into the kitchen. Emily comes into the kitchen because of the ringing telephone it is Steven, who calls her from his cardround with a cellular phone. With a second phone he connects to his computers in his office to check the stock exchange. Emily, really surprised by the murder, manages to kill him in self defence. When Steven comes home, he finds the dead body which he assumes to be dead David. He ...

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