Orwell, George: 1984

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1984 by George Orwell Author: George Orwell s real name was Eric Blair. Born in India in 1903, he became a poor scholarship boy in a snobbish English prep school. The horrors of his schooldays live in a bitter essay, Such, Such Were the Joys . But he won a scholarship to Eton. Because he did not want to face an University life and further snobbery, he went to Burma in 1921, where he spent five years as a policeman and wrote his first novel, Burmese Days . Disgusted of the imperialism, he went to Paris and London, subsisting infrequently on jobs in restaurant kitchens. His experiences led him to the writing of his first great book, Down and Out in Paris and London (1933). From then on Orwell struggled to earn a living as a journalist and author. He became involved in various left-wing causes during the depression but always remained suspicious of any political doctrine when it violated the basic human rights of the individual. Political idealism led him to fight on the Loyalist side in the Spanish Civil War, in which he was wounded. Returning to England, he wrote Homage to Catalonia, an impassioned attack an the betrayal of the Spanish Loyalists by the Communists. Orwell s contempt for police states in Spain, Italy and Germany and warnings to England of the coming conflict between democracy and totalitarianism appeared in many of his essays, which were disregarded or attacked by Left and Right alike. Although he had always suffered from weak lungs, Orwell exposed himself ...

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