Swindells, Robert: Brother in the Land

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Robert Swindells BROTHER IN THE LAND MAIN CHARACTERS: Danny and Ben Lodge, Kim The scene is set in Skipley, England. One day in October, missiles with thermo-nuclear warheads, enough to kill everybody on earth, are dropped onto any city in Europe. There is also one missile for Branford, a city five miles away from Skipley. Danny Lodge, a teenager, his seven year old brother Ben and their father, an owner of a shop, have come through the holocaust alive. After burying Danny s mother, he and his family have to learn that only very few people are still alive. Moreover, any building in the city is badly damaged or even destroyed. About three weeks after the bomb, Danny gets to know a fourteen year old girl called Kim, who lives together with her sister and her sister s man and falls in love with her. She is the first person to explain to Danny that the old rules are no longer valid and that nowadays people have to be very hard and strong in order to survive. The next day, soldiers come to town. They represent the Local Commissioner and explain that an emergency hospital has been set up adjacent to their new headquarters at Kershaw Farm. In fact, everybody who goes to this new hospital is killed by the soldiers. Moreover, many survivors look out for badgers , people who still live in shelters. They often kill them in order to take away their food and clothes. Some weeks later, the soldiers return. They explain that a registration point has been set up and that they would collect ...

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