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THE REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL About environment protection in Ireland 6,9 million hectares of clean water, colourful smell sweet meadows, the happy animals in the water and in the mountains. These are the facts you think of if you were asked about Irland and its environment. Is there really a untouched countryside? Do you know the reverse side of the medal? 25 Years ago, Ireland´s landscape were untouched and clean water was able to use. Then leading economic manager have got the idea to bring the big industry to Ireland and to make the citizens wealthier, but they didn´t think about the problems like water pollution and something like that. Nobody wanted to commit for pollution and waste. If politicians want to take measures to protect the environment they come across impediments: At once, the Irish constitutional guaranties every citizens their ownership-rights. Although another clause give the government the possibility to reduce the rights of the citizens, but the government didn´t do that yet. Privat owners are free to do for example chop down trees, to drain damp areas... 87 authorities should care for the water polution. At this chaos, there´s no wonder, if that it doesn´t work. The second impediment is that the people especially the employees have the opinion protection of the environment makes the employment rate higher and it is not good for the economic development. The farmers have got 5 million hectars. Not many years ago, they expand. The following example ...

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