Three tales of the Unexpected

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THREE TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED 1.)WILLIAM AND MARY: After William left this earth the widow Mary was given his property and a letter, which seemed to be very personal. In this letter her deceased husband excuses himself for always having been that formal through the years and also thanks her for having been such a good wife. He as well tells her about an experiment, in which a close friend of him, John Landy, tried and did remove Williams brain and one eye from the rest of his body and even kept it alive in a basin. When Mrs. Pearls later visits the little bit that is left of her former husband she first is shocked, but then starts liking how helpless he is, not able to complain about everything she wants to do. In the end she even takes him home with her to pay him back what he forbid Mary during her whole life. 2.)THE WISH: is about a little boy, who is getting into a game with a huge carpet, which has three colours: Red stands for hot clumps of coal, which burn him, when he steps on them. Black significates poisoned snakes. Only one bite makes him die quickly. Yellow is the only colour, which he is able to step on without being hurt or killed. So he starts his adventure with the thought, that if he makes it to the other end he would probably get the puppy for birthday, which he dreamed of ever since. But in the final meters he falls and the story ends with a mother looking strained for her son. 3.)PIG: A couple is shot by the police when they tried to break in their own ...

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