Aldridge, James: The True Story of Spirit MacPhee

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Cornelia Schwarz, 6b THE TRUE STORY OF SPIT MACPHEE by James Aldridge Title Author: The book is called The True Story of Spit MacPhee and it was written by James Aldridge. Other Information: It was published by Penguin Books in 1986. Type of book: It is an original novel and it is a biography of a young boy. Subject: It is about an eleven-year old boy, who does not want to do what the grown-ups have decided for him. Setting: The story takes place in St. Helena, a town in Australia, in 1928. Characters: Spit MacPhee is an eleven year old boy who has bad manners: he always shouts loud and he spits. Fyte MacPhee is Spit´s grandfather and after an injury in the war, he is mentally ill. He does not like others and so he has not got any friends. Betty Arbuckles wants to help Spit and that is the reason why she wants to put him in the evangelic children home in Bendigo. Grace Tree and her daughter Sadie are good friends of Spit and Grace wants to adtop him. Summary: Spit lives with his grandfather in an old boiler. No one knows much about them, because they do not like visitors. Betty Arbuckles, a very religious woman, wants to save Spit´s soul and so she tries to find out as much aas possible, but she only gets to know that his grandfather has moved to St. Helena after the World War, where he works now as a clock-maker. Also his daughter and Spit´s mother moves to St. Helena. She always hides her face, because a fire has destroyed her skin and killed her husband. After a few ...

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