Burnett, Frances, Hodgson: The Secret Garden

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THE SECRET GARDEN Frances Hodgson Burnett Mary Lennox lived with her parents in India. Her father worked hard and was never at home. Her mother was very beautiful and she liked to go out with her friends. So they had no time for her. The servant took care of her. She was often ill. One day she awoke and nobody took care of her. So she went into the garden and played with the flowers. Then she went to bed. She slept for a long time. When she got up a man told her that her parents were dead. Mary had no family in India, so she went to England to her uncle Mr Archibald Craven s She went by ship. Mrs Craven s She went by ship. Mrs craven s servant, Mrs Medlock met Mary in London. They went by train to Yorkshire. The servant told her about Misselthwaite Manor. It was a very old house near the moor. Her uncle was a strange man. He was a hunchback. He was a sad unhappy man until he married a pretty woman. But when his wife died he was stranger again. Mary felt sorry for him. Mary slept for a long time. It was dark when they got out of the train. They drove five miles across the moor. Then they arrived at a low house. Mrs Medlock took her to her two rooms. She had to stay in her room. She felt alone and frightened. Mary woke up the next morning and a young servant whose name was Martha came in. She showed her the moor and told her that she loved it. But Mary didn t like black. Martha told her about her family and about her brother Dickon. He found a little horse in the moor. She ...

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