The Outstation

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THE OUTSTATION So far, he had completely changed, Borneo became his home. He learned to love the Malays and he became a good administrator. The only ties to good old England were letters to correspondents and six week old Times. The only things he was interested in were deaths, births and marriages. For a few days he kept a suspicious eye on his assistant and saw that he was very impolite to the native people but a good worker. As the Malays were very shy and sensitive people, he told him to be patient and friendly, but Cooper let him know that he was born in Barbados, took part in the African War and thought he knew everything about coloured people and that they all were niggers for him even though the Malays were not Africans. On Sunday Cooper was invited to dinner for a second time and as he entered the dining room Warbuton saw that he tried to dress up but the clothes were ill-fitting, ill-cut and shabby, so Warbuton smiled at him with disdain. He decided to let a servant work for his assistant. Abbas, the servant was of a good family-background and Cooper could have been glad about that but he didn t mind if the boy had blue blood or not, brought him drinks whenever he wanted, cleaned his shoes and did other things like that. He only wanted Abbas to do what he told him and looked sharply about it. When drinking wine while dining, Warbuton began to mellow, he wasn t so strict and precise anymore and began to tell stories about himself. Cooper watched him talking and saw ...

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