McDaniel, Lurlene: Too Young to Die

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Too young to die: author: This book is written by Lurlene Mc Daniels. She began writing inspirational novels about teenagers which have life altering situations when her son was diagnosed with diabetes. I want kids to know that while people do not get to choose what life gives to them, they do get to choose how they respond. plot: Melissa is a 16 year old girl who works very hard to get what she wants.Her grades are up after the school year has started and she gets the chance to join the BRAIN BOWL team. Brain Bowl competition is a chance for the brightest students of each high school to test their knowledge against each other in a team setting. Melissa has also a best friend named Jory, who is rich and who often stays at hers, because Jory´s parents are seldom at home. One evening Melissa notices bruises ( Blutergüsse, blaue Flecken) on her arms and legs which she wants to hide with leg makeup. After Brain Bowl qualifying test, the girl meets Brad in the country club. He is also in the brain Bowl team. Brad likes her long black hair and she likes him as well. One of her teachers asks Melissa if someone is hurting her because of her bruises. So her mother takes her to the doctor who sends her to hospital. Her red blood count is too low. After some tests she is diagnosed with leukemia. Melissa gets to know Ricter Davis, who has bone cancer and Rachael Dove, who suffers from leukemia, too. Melissa has to make a chemotherapy and Ric tells her that she has to be strong, because ...

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