O´Neill, Robert: The Forger

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THE FORGER The Forger was written by Robert O´Neill, in 1975. After school he started to write, but many of his works stayed unrecognized. The book is a novel. The book is about a great artist, his name is Sharp and his is living in Switzerland. He forged a number of old Dutch paintings, which are all about 300 years old. It is said that he learned the secrets of the Old Masters like Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer. He know how to mix paints, so that the paintings look very old. Even experts could not tell the difference between the orginal and the forgerie. After he forged a famous paintig, Karen, she was his daughter, took it and stole the orginal from a museum and put the forgerie in the place. The orginal Orton sold to rich people all over the world. Orton was the owner of the British National Art Gallery and he took part in this forgery. The Scotland Yard Police of course knew about this and Inspector Moore observed all. Once he had an idea. He pleased David Ruthland, who was a young artist, to help him. David had no money thistime and so he decided to work with the police to catch Sharp. Sharp was old and he had arthritis and so he needed help, he needed an assistant. Moore and David had a plan. First David should sold forgeries painted by himself to Orton. Orton knew that Sharp neended someone to help him. And it really worked. After some weeks Orton invited David to his and there he gave him an one-way ticket to Zurich. So he traveled to Switzerland. There, in Zurich, ...

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