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THE COLOR PURPLE: AUTOR: Sandra Hannesschlaeger Book Report TITLE: The Color Purple AUTHOR: Alice Walker she was born in Georgia in 1944. In her poetry and novels, Alice W. dramatically shows the unfair treatment and racism of black women. Her novel The Color Purple won the Pulitzer Prize and the American Award for Fiction. Other books written by A.W.: Meridian, possessing the secret of joy, the temple of my familiar,... It was published by POCKET BOOKS WASHINGTON SQUARE PRESS TYPE OF BOOK: novel SUBJECT: It is about the life of Celie, a black woman. She has to overcome being dependent on others and racism. The novel also shows the relationship to her sister and how her sister´s life develops. Just as, her relationship to Shug and how she influenced to her life SETTINGS: in the South of USA, when: ? CHARACTERS: Celie: main character. She was raped by her father and beaten up by her husband. She is a very shy and humbly person. Mr. : Celie´s husband. He is in love with Shug Avery. Netti: Celie´s sister and the only person who really loves Celie. But they aren´t allowed to have contact with each other s. Shug Avery: She is a singer and loved by Mr. and Celie. THE PLOT: When Celie is fourteen years old she was raped by her father. After her mother died, her father married her off to Mr. . Celie´s life with him was horrible, because she had to raise his children, she wasn´t allowed to have her own opinion, was treated like a slave and beaten for no reason. After a while Mr. ...

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