Brave New World

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A Summary of BRAVE NEW WORLD In BNW we are confronted with a fictitious society in future London in the year 632 after Ford. Community, Identity, Stability is the motto of the World State. Community means standardised citizens, all divided up into social grades , , , , . Everybody accepts his assigned grade and respects the other one. Stability is reached by this conditioning of the test-tube-babies to perfect, contented workers and with the drug named Soma . Individuality is seen as unnecessary and hostile towards Stability and so in this further development of man-kind replaced by Community. This total sameness is reached by the Pokanovsky-Process , in which one egg is cloned to ninety others, hatched in a bottle and finally conditioned. The parents are given by the state to avoid feelings of love and individual treatment. One of the main characters is the very attractive laboratory assistant in the London Hatching and Conditioning Center, named Lenina. She is according to the standard of this future society a pleasure-seeking person without careful choice. One of her man-friends; Bernhard Marx, and she get permission of the Director of the Hatching and Conditioning Center (DHC) and the World Controller (Musstafa Mond) to visit a Savage Reservation, a remains of the old society, which reminds the reader of a slum. Lenina even is disgusted by the unfamiliar scenery, the way how people live there, by dirt, dust, old age, and several diseases, which is all more or less ...

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