Schools in the United Kingdom

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SCHOOLS in the U.K. 5 years NURSERY SCHOOL 5 years 11 years PRIMARY SCHOOL in some parts of Britian 9 years 13 years MIDDLE SCHOOL 11 years 18 years SECONDARY SCHOOL 18 years UNIVERSITY or COLLEGE The majority of secondary schools is comprehensive, which means that it offers a general education to all children without looking on their abilities. In some parts of Britian pupils attend either a grammar school (for the more academic students) or a secondary modern school. Generally education in the U.K. is free and most students attend public schools, indeed there are also some costful famous independent schools. Some of the traditional English and Welsh independent schools are called public schools even if they are only public to the rich part of the society. Most of these are boarding schools, where students sleep and live during the school year. There is a so called national curriculum for all schools, which are subjects that must be thaught in every school. At the age of 16 every student has to do his GSCEs and after that he she has to decide whether he she wants to leave secondary school and attend a college of further education (general, vocational and technical), (or search for a job), or if he she wants to stay in school for two more years. At 18 students have the choice between doing their A Levels in two or three subjects or AS exams in more subjects. (In Scotland you get SCEs at 17 and CSYSs at 18) The more better you re a Levels are the more better are your chances ...

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