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DEAD POET´S SOCIETY At the Welton Academy new students are taught four pillars which will guide them through their studies: tradition, honour, diszipline and excellence. The headmaster tells them that they are going to work harder than ever before in their lives, but in the end the reward will be success. As all the students say good-bye to their parents, Todd Anderson is standing around lonely, because his parents are busy talking to other people. Later on he meets Neil Perry, his rommate. As they are settling in their room, suddenly Neil s father comes up and tells him that he isn t allowed to work on the school annual this year because his grades need to improve. As Neil wants to protest and answer, his father doesn t give him the chance to and leaves. After his father is gone, he desperately regrets the way he reacted. The first day at the academy is very stressy and the amount of things that need to be learned until the next day is unbelievable. Only the lessons with the new flamboyant teacher John Keating are different. In his lessons, extraordinary themes are talked about and the students learn about poetry and the way of understanding it. On the next day, one of the students does researches in old annuals and finds out that Keating was very active in Welton as a student, having been a member of the Dead Poets Society. Interested, a few students ask Keating to tell them about it. Secretly he tells them that the Dead Poets Society was a group of young people who read ...

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