The Prince and the Pauper

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The Prince and the Pauper Tom Canty was very poor. He and his family were paupers. Tom Canty s father didn t want to work and he sent his three children out to beg money in the streets. They had to stand at the side of the road and say ,Please give a penny to a poor child If they didn t bring money to John Canty in the evening he would beat them and give them no food. It was a very unhappy life for the children. Father Andrew lived in the same house. Tom went to sit with Father Andrew every day and he told Tom stories about kings and princes. Father Andrew taught Tom how to speak nicely and how to behave like a prince, and he also taught him Latin. The King of England had one son called, Edward. Prince Edward would be king when his father died. Father Andrew said to Tom: You should go to Westminster Palace, and perhaps one day you would see the son of King Henry. So Tom went to the Palace. A boy came out of the Palace and went near to the gate. Tom cried: I want to see the prince One of the soldiers said: Keep back but prince Edward said no to the soldier Come with me : said the prince. Tell me who you are and why you want to see me so much. Tom told the prince all, and the prince said: I would like to be a poor boy, and you will be a prince. Let s change clothes just for a little time. You will be the prince and I´ll be poor beggar boy. Then they changed clothes. Stay here till I come back, said the prince then he ran out of the door. Tom stood there alone. Edward went ...

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