Bronte, Emily: Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë The Author - Her life (1818-1848) Emily Brontë and her sisters grow up in a quite uninhabited region in Thornton, Yorkshire. Their father, Patrick Brontë, a preacher educates them very religiously. He is very influenced by John Wesely, who s a creator of the Methodist church and stands for a very strict and religious education, which also destroys the will of children.Brontë teaches his daughters that success through hard work and diligence is a sign of God s grace. He sends them to a boarding school, where two of the sisters must die from tuberculosis, until he takes them back home. After studying in Bruxelles, Emily and Charlotte come back home and set up a school. The return of their brother, who s an addict of alcohol and opium pulls the family into great problems He dies and Emily takes ill at his funerals and dies also. Perhaps her death is one of the reason too why Wuthering Heights became such an immediate popular success. II. Book presentation 1. Genre Although this novel was written in the Romantic Period, it is not really a romance. Wuthering Heights was written 1847, the year before E. Brontë s death. 2. Story At the beginning of the book, Mr Lockwood, the narrator is received to Wuthering Heights, which he is the neighbour of. The people who are living there, are unfriendly to him and also to each other. Because the night and a storm surprised him, he has no choice but to spend the night in their company. Fascinated by this ...

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