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Philadelphia A novel by Christopher Davis based on a screenplay by Ron Nyswaner Adapted for the screen with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington The Author: Christopher Davies: He s the author of the novels Joseph and the Old Man , Valley of the Shadow and the story collection The Boys in the Bars . Ron Nyswaner: He s the author of the screenplays Smithereens , Mrs. Soffel , The Prince of Pennsylvania and the co-author of Gross Anatomy . The characters: Andrew Beckett: He s the main character of this drama about AIDS and homosexuality; at the very beginning of the story he works for a big firm of solicitors called Wyant, Wheeler . Because of his intelligence, power of deduction, competence and love of the law he s depicted as a promising young talent. He feels the desire to fight against injustice, and he tries to reach this aim with all his might, which sometimes goes too far you could call him a kind of workaholic. This character-trait has bad consequences for his physical condition, in the course of the story his health gets worse and worse. He s a big fan of classical music, especially of Bruckner, whose music he likes to listen to when he s stressed or just has received bad news (for instance his dismissal). He s quite a well-balanced person and the peacemaker in the relationship to Miguel: He s Andrew lover and of course he s gay, too. He works as a teacher of art, is creative and interested in painting. He isn t as calm and peaceful as Andrew, on the contrary he reacts in ...

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