Steinbeck, John: Of Mice and Men

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OF MICE AND MEN characters: lennie: main like a child like an animal forget things alot isnt as dumb as he seems curleys wife: goes to man to talk wants to be touched compared with color red george: smart dreams of independent life curley: little angry about big men crooks: loneliest person on farm always the victim bitter doesnt believe in his future slim: kind of boss, most authority kind of friend of everybody intellligent, good sense of justice and fairness is being asked by others andy: only one hand best friend his dog, later died MAIN TOPICS friendship,loneliness,vilence george kind of father of lennnie george see the friendship like a funny game first, after the jump in scene, he recognize that he has to protect lennie george was lennies connection to the world george tramped to much on lennies feelings lennie is alway between george and his dreams lennie gives george the feeling of importance without lennie george would be another lonely worker, lennie preserved him of wasting his time curley shows a directe violence lennies violence is accidentaly PERSONAL OPINION: strange that you dont think that lennie is a bad person when he kils curleys wife you cant be angry about him no intention behind the murder B. Schmidt - Autor, Inhaltsangabe etc. fehlen, nur Leute die das Werk kennen verstehen die Infos , - Grammatik- und Rechtschreibfehler, unvollständige Sätze ...

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