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Von: Mario Mayer TGM 9.Schulstufe Note: 1 Fach: Englisch NEW YORK HISTORY: 1614 the Dutch founded the village of New Amsterdam on the area of one of the biggest cities today called New York. At that time the village only consisted of a mill, 30 houses and a fort with thick walls. In the year 1626 Peter Minnewitt has been instructed by the Dutch Westindian Company to buy the area of Manhattan; he only paid the amount of 60 gold. Manhattan lays on the Hudson River. 1647 Peter Stuyvesant became governor of New Amsterdam. He conquered Fort Christian and stopped the Swedish expansions. 1667 in the peace of Brenda the British Empire got the area of New Amsterdam and the Dutch got a part of Guyana instead. In this time the name has been changed to New York in order to remind the Earl of York. In the year1620 there lived 2.000 employees, 80 years later the population has increased to 275.000 people and at 1776 the population showed approximately 2.5 million. In the so called NEW World there were such many wars to achieve domination in this country. Irokeey - war 1642 to 1653 King William s - war 1689 1697 Queen Anne s - war 1702 1713 Yankee s ear - war 1739 1742 King George s - war 1740 - 1748 France and Indian war 1754 1763 In the history of the United States of America New York has been very important. Though the city refused to vote for the declaration of independence of Thomas Jefferson on the 4th July 1776. Nevertheless today the Americans celebrate on the 4th July there ...

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