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MAGNA CHARTA The Magna Charta (or the Great Charter) was one of the first agreements, that helped the aristocrats, the clergyman and the simple inhabitants, to get more rights(at the expense of the king). That s why England is called The cradle of the human rights. Now we re going to tell you how this agreement influenced the history of England. I John Ohneland (1199-1216). He was called Ohneland, because as his father divided the land, he got nothing. John was an insidious(treacherous) and swaging character. He killed his nephew Arthur in Rauen 1203, to strenghten his power. He killed him because Arthur was an ally of Phillip II Augustus of France. Then Anjou, Rauen, Carn an Touraine turned away. In the year 1204 was the Normandy in the hand of France, too. The king John just could save Gasonge and Bitou. The king got in conflict with the pope Innozenz III, too. I 1208 England was imposed with an interdict, because Innozenz III appointed cardinal Stephen Langton as the archbishop against the intention of the king. So all religious acts were forbidden (christian burials included). In the following year 1209 John was sent into exile for four years by the pope. But the loss of the French possessions hurt and John needed more money for his mercenary troops. However he overstepped his financial requirements although his careful savings. So he got the malevolence of the aristocrats and the inhabitants. I Then Innozenz offered Phillip II Augustus of France the crown. A short time ...

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