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London Facts: London is Europe´s largest city, with almost 7 million people. London city is the capital of the United Kingdom. It is situated in Southeastern England along the Thames River. London´s climate is generally mild an damp. The region around London is one of the driest parts of Britain. The average is annual rainfall is only 750 mm m2. The weather is generally cloudy and foggy. London has warmer summers than most of the island. The urban territory is divided into 33 political units. History: Known as Londium the town was located at the nothern end of the bridge, that the Romens had built across the Thames. It is still possible to see remnants of Roman handwork in London. London grew into a major city during the middle ages. London was a place it has maintained since the 17th century. Queen Elisabeth 1. lead during the late 15 century. The 18´s century saw the next growth priod of London. The city grew and grew and wanted to become the world´s largest city. Projects such as the Tower Bridge, the house of Parliament ... transformed the city. By the end of the 19th century London was seat of the most powerful empire of the world. This century was influenced by Queen Victoria´s rennaissence. However, many of Great Britain´s colonies want Independence. In 1940 German bombings (World War 2) devasted big areas of London, particulary in the city and the East End. 30.000 Londoners died and another 50.000 were injured. Many houses were destroyed. After the war contractors ...

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