Duncan, Lois: Locked in Time

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Duncan, Lois: Locked in Time
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LOIS DUNCAN LOCKED IN TIME Characters: Nore her father her stepmother Lisette her stepbrother Gabe her stepsister Josie her friend Dave The story takes place in New Orleans. Nore visits her father and his new wife Lisette and her children. She feels very sad because her mother has died only one year before and she finds it very unfair that her father has married again. When she arrives at Shadow Grove, Lisettes house, she is shocked that there is only wilderness around the whole estate. Lisette, the 17-year-old Gabe, and the 13-year-old Josie turn out to be very nice. They welcome her in a most friendly way and offer her a place in their family. But Nore is still too disappointed about her father to be able to accept this offer. Only a short time later she is convinced that there must be something strange in this family. Lisette is so unbelievably young, Josie is so desperate that she is only thirteen,... One day Nore meets Dave, a young man from a neighbouring village. He is very nice and he asks her for a date. But she refuses because she knows that her stepsister Josie has fallen in love with him. At night she has a frightening dream: she sees her mother, who warns her that Lisette wants to kill her and her dad. And it is only one day later that on a little boating trip her stepbrother Gabe actually tries to kill her. Nore panics. The situation begins to get out of control when Nore finds out that Lisette has had six other husbands before. And the strange thing is that ...

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