Golding, William: Lord of the Flies

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William Golding LORD OF THE FLIES A group of British school boys crashes on a tropical island in a transport to a safer place in war time. The pilot, who is the only adult, is killed in the accident. After the crash two boys, Ralph and Piggy happen to find each other. They find a conch, which can be heard for miles when it is blown. The loud sound gathers all children spread on the island to a meeting. There Ralph is voted as the leader, although another boy named Jack wouldve liked to have that role. He is declared the chief of a group of hunters. Ralph sets up certain rules to have some order and organization among the kids. Then Ralph, Jack, and another boy named Simon leave to explore the island and walk up to the top of the highest mountain. They find out that they are on an uninhabited island without any houses, boats or people. So they think they can have lots of fun until they are rescued. In the next meeting a small boy steps forward and tells of scary beasts and snakes he saw at night. Although they think that dangerous animals are unlikely to appear on small islands they decide to look for beasts and snakes just to make sure.Ralph has the idea of making a big fire so that ships passing the island will see the smoke and rescue them. Jack and the hunters are responsible for keeping the fire burning. Later on they decide to build shelters all together, but a lot of kids are too small to help and others are too lazy. So its only Simon, Jack and Ralph who really work ...

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