Brett, Simon: Situation Tragedy

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SIMON BRETT SITUATION TRAGEDY Charles Paris, an elderly actor, gets the role of a Golf-Club barman, which is a regular character in the new sitcom The Strutters. One evening, Charles is visited by a friend, who is a fan of Aurelia Howarth, the main actress, and who wants to be introduced to her. Just as they are talking and all the actors, producers and staff-members have arrived at the bar suddenly Sadie Wainwrights corpse is found on the ground of the parking. As the next six episodes are produced, Charles is pretty bored because of his very small appearences containing 14 lines per episode. So he decides to spend his time finding out more about Sadies background and motives people could have had to kill her. He comes to know, that everyone she knew could have had motives to kill her, so he doesnt get very far. That day, Charles flirts with a very attractive young lady called Janie, who can give him a lot of information. After a few days, he contently accepts the common verdict of death by accident. But still he asks some members of the crew to find out more about the dead womans schedule on that day. She broke up a relationship with a man, and she went straight to another man, Bernard Walton. As the days are passing, the filming starts at the villa of one of the main actors. They all go there by bus, except the young television director, who comes a bit late, in his brand new Porsche and boasts a lot of it. Then, half an hour later, the two main stars arrive, being ...

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