The Boy in the River

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Englischreferat: THE BOY IN THE RIVER In August 1955 the dead body of a 14 - year - old black boy, named Emmett Till, was found floating in the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi. In this year, compared to the post - Reconstruction period, when thousands of blacks were murdered, lynching was more a rare incident. But this lynching contributed to the occur of the civil rights movement. Till was killed in Money, forty - three years before James Byrd Jr. was murdered in Jasper, also outnumbered by the white man who murdered men. The reason why Emmett Till was murdered is, that he has returned the gaze of a white woman, who was walking on the street, and that he didn t look away like black man were supposed to do. Carolyn Bryant told her husband Roy, that a black boy had flirted with her. In the middle of the night Roy Bryant and his brother seized Emmett from his great - uncle s home. They drove off, bludgeoned him, shoot him, and threw him into the river. Emmett s great - uncle Mose Wright testified against Bryant and his brother, after that he fled Mississippi for his life. But Bryant and his brother J.W. Milam were declared not guilty by an all - white jury. A month later Milam even confessed the murder with impunity, because he felt enough public approbation. That was not surprising for the apartheid South, but the rest of the country looked at Mississippi justice and shuddered, because Emmett Till s mother had brought the dead body of her son to Chicago and had allowed his ...

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