Seger, Bob: Fire Lake (Against the Wind)

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Seger, Bob: Fire Lake (Against the Wind)
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Tomek Markus 2.Jahrgang HBLA für Wein und Obstbau(2000) Englisch Bookreport Fire Lake from Bob Seger Against the wind As usual Uncle Joe was a shy person who didn t make anything special in his life. He was afraid to cut the cake and I think that he only wore jeans and flannel shirts. So I can say that Uncle Joe was an Uncle like I would imagine. But then he changed. He was another person from that time on. He bought a chrome three wheeler, wore gypsy leathers and drove to the Fire Lake. There he smiled and flirted with the bronze beauties and he enjoyed his life. He also thought that he was really here at last. But why has Uncle Joe changed his lifestyle so far that is another person, who is not shy anymore but extrovert. I think that there are some arguments for changing his life. First I think he had a strong childhood and so he could not live free like he wanted. He was walled by his parents and now he is old enough to live his own life and so he bought a wheeler and drove to Fire Lake. So he can escape from his childhood and his boring life and so he feels free. He also could live free because he has problems with his wife at home. Another aspect could be that he wanted to escape from the reality. So he drove away from home and did something special. For example flirting with the girls on the beach, or riding a wheeler. -: Zu kurz, gibt weder den Inhalt ausführlich wieder, noch liefert das Referat eine vernünftige Interpretation. ...

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