Forester, C.S.: The African Queen

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C.S.Forester THE AFRICAN QUEEN This is a story which takes place in the African jungle, the date is 1914 - in the First World War. Rose Sayer and her brother Samuel work in a mission: they both are missionaries. They teach Christianity to the Africans. One day, Samuel falls ill. They think he is suffering from malaria. The next day he dies. A general has carried everything away and has taken the people from the village to become soldiers. Now Rose is alone with a dead man in the African forest. Three days later a man called Allnutt comes up the river with a little boat. He asks Rose to come with him and she agrees. Rose wants to go down the river to a lake to destroy a ship called Louisa. This is a German ship. But the way to the lake is very dangerous. First they have to go to Shona. There are two hills where Germans and Askaris fire at everything going down the river. When they come to Shona, Allnutt begins to work on the engine to make it do its best. Allnutt and Rose are lucky because the Germans and the Askaris think that they want to give themselves up as prisoners, because they have no more food. And so they dont fire and the launch passes safely. A little bit later they come to the rapids and Rose has to fight with the tiller. In the end the African Queen hits a stone in the water and the propeller brakes. Now Allnutt has to go under water to repair it. The next day the river becomes half mud und half water steaming in the heat and overgrown with a thick covering of ...

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