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Franchising It s an excellent way (alternative) of starting a business You contract to run it on behalf of the named company You still have considerable independence You will be rewarded according to your success If you obtain a franchise you are working for the owner as well as yourself Many customers of a franchise business such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Budget Cars and Holiday Inns, have no knowledge of their ownership. In each case a franchise is granted by the owner and is controlled by a contract which says how the franchise should be run. The arrangements are good for the owner of the franchise as he can set up a network of businesses from which income is drawn using other people s capital. The better franchises seem to offer a means of going into self-employment with a considerable chance of success. You would be running a business based on an established procedure and selling goods or offering services which are already well-known to the public. Running a well-organised franchise is like managing a branch of a large organisation except that there is a very strong personal involvement and the final profit belongs to the person who has taken out the local franchise. A franchise offering some kind of manual service to the public might require only an initial setting-up capital of 10 to 15.000 pounds, but a fast food business would need very much more - 50pounds to 100.000 pounds. A good franchise is that you and your staff would receive complete training in running ...

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