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Book report Title : Go ask Alice Author : anonymous This book is based on the actual diary of a fifteen year-old drug user . It is about sex , drugs , alcohol , teenagers´ emotions , innermost thoughts and things and it shows other problems , young people have to face when they are growing-up. This diary tells us about various stages in Alice s life . In the beginning her family is moving and so she has to go to a new school , to adopt a new life style and to make new friends . At first she is very happy about it , but then she starts to worry that nobody likes her .Most of the time Alice is alone and she hasn t friends . But in the holidays she gets to know some new people . She is turned on to acid and she digs it . It also opens up the world of sex and it makes her feel free . Of course , Alice worries about taking drugs but she figures life is more bearable with drugs than without them.. Her parents don t know that she is taking this stuff . They only think Alice might be associating with the wrong people . After a time Alice doesn t want to take drugs anymore , but she cannot give up the habit and she even runs away twice . In the end Alice has to go to a youth centre and after some time many things turn for better . I liked this book because I sometimes feel similarly to Alice´s and I think that I know what Alice lived through . This book describes a teenager s life very well and exposes the problem of drugs taking on the daylight . Every kid , who doesn t know , how ...

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