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Bookreport Fach: English Klasse: 6 AHS 21. April 2000 Alter des Verfassers: 17 on 21st of April,2000 Go Ask Alice is a story about a drugaddict teenager and her attemts to escape from them. GO ASK ALICE (summary) Alice started writing her diary shortly before her 15th birthday, because her boyfriend broke up with her and she felt really down, unpopular, ugly and missunderstood by everybody even by her parents. She decided to change and started to exercise every morning and eat healthy. Later on, her dad had been invited to become the Dean of Political Science in another city and the whole family had to move there. Alice was very scared of her new life in a new city, she was wondering how she was going to make it up in a new school with new kids. Finally the first schoolday arrived and it was like she had it always expected. Nobody talked to her during the whole endlessly long day and during the lunch period she fled to the nurse´s office and said she had a headache just to stay away from the crowd of kids. Time went by and she kept being alone without friends she didn´t bother about her look anylonger and felt rotten.One day she met a girl on her way from school, who was really good looking but very shy. The two girls became best friends, they shared everything together, problems, joy and all the stuff girls talk about when they are alone. In the summer holidays Alice visited her grandparents, she had a very good releationship with them, even better than with her parents. ...

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