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I R E L A N D The population of Ireland In Ireland there live 4,89 million people. About 3,5 million live in the Republic where 93 per cent of them are Catholics. From about 1,5 million people living in Northern Ireland there are 60 per cent Protestant. Ireland as a whole is not a country at war, but a troubled one. The main problem is about the question, if Northern Ireland should stay part of the United Kingdom or become independent. How the conflicts started 16th and 17th c The destruction of the traditional Irish lifestyle began, because of the English settlers. England was fearful that Catholic enemies might use Ireland as a base from which to attack Britain. 1609 Therefore the famous Plantation of Ulster took place. 20 000 Protestants were settled down in Ireland. They pushed west the inhabitants of Ireland which caused a lot of troubles. 1690 There was a battle between the Protestant Prince William of Orange and the Roman Catholic King James II of England in Ireland. Prince William won this battle and therefore the members of the Orange Order sill organise marches and celebrate the victories of the Protestant. But they go through catholic areas and this is very provocative. 17th century Oliver Cromwell came to power and he ended Catholics risings in Ireland. 1845 to 49 There was a great famine where approximately one million of Catholic people died. 1916 The Catholics wanted to be independent from Great Britain so the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was founded. This ...

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