Into the Interior

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INTO THE INTERIOR: AUTOR: Sandra Hannesschlaeger Into the Interior The end of the 18-century mapped Ausralia´s coastline. There were many theories about what could be on the other side of the Blue Mountains. Some people thought, the land was rich and fertile. But others believed it was dry and marshland. A telegraph line was needed to set up a connection with Australia to the rest of the world. The first men suffered terrible hardships and some lost their lives. In 1859 the government of Australia offered a prize to the first person who was able to cross the continent from north to south. Robert Burke and William Wills were leader of one of the most expensively equipped expeditions in Australians history. But neither Burke nor Wills had an idea of the outback. They started in Melbourne, in August 1860. Burke went first, followed by his team of 15 members. After two months, they had reached Menindee. They set up a camp, but quarrels broke and Burke dismissed some of his men. The teams had changing speeds in going. This was the reason for them to separate. Burke got very impatient to move on. Now the expedition divided into little groups. Once they arrived at Coopers Creek, Brahe was told to wait there for three months. Once they arrived at Coopers Creek, Brahe was told to wait there for three months. Meanwhile Burk, Wills, Charles and King tried to reach the Gulf of Carpentaria. Suddenly the weather changed. It rained for days and the camels couldn´t walk anymore, so the ...

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